Our Mission

The mission of the University Writing Center (UWC) is to help Wright State University students become more confident, independent, skilled writers, thereby enhancing their abilities as writers in educational, professional, civic, and personal settings.

Our Philosophy

The University Writing Center employs current best practices in writing pedagogy. These practices are guided by a set of observations about the nature of writing, namely:
  • Writing is itself a way of thinking;
  • Writing takes place in a rhetorical context;
  • Writing consists of multiple processes;
  • Writing is a collaborative activity.

These observations yield a principle upon which we base our practice: Writers need to discuss their work with other writers who share or understand the rhetorical context within which the writing takes place. This process of collaboration and meaningful revision encourages writers to engage more deeply with the subject matter, enhances learning, and allows writers to produce appropriate texts.

Within our collaborative environment, we promote academic integrity and respect each writer's autonomy. Here, writers maintain ultimate authority over and responsibility for their own writing.